Our democracy is broken.
Let’s fix it.

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Amanda Frankel is not a politician, or a millionaire.

New York 10 should be represented by someone who is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Raised primarily by a single mother, Amanda’s family faced great economic challenges throughout her childhood and adolescence. She had to begin working regularly from a young age, and continued to work as a nanny and waitress throughout high school and college. Though she received a full need-based scholarship from UNC Chapel Hill, not earning an income was not a luxury she could afford.

While civic action has always been a part of her life -- from canvassing for campaigns she believes in, to working on GOTV initiatives, and teaching financial literacy -- Amanda has been working in the private sector since graduating with a degree in Economics. Her values guided her away from her job on Wall Street, and toward emerging tech, where she’s been able to mentor companies with altruistic missions, support diversity, and uplift other women.

Amanda has battled with health care providers on behalf of family members, faced financial challenges, and witnessed housing discrimination first-hand. Like countless others, she’s concerned about the world we leave for future generations; Amanda knows which policies must be advanced to create a future we can be proud of.


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Support our movement to make the government work for us, not for big corporations. We are 100% people funded. No corporate PAC, lobbyist, or Big Anything money —period.

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Our Vision for America

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Our democracy is broken. Let’s fix it.

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A better economy and a greener world.

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Equal rights for all — no exceptions.

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