Who is Amanda Frankel?


She’s a volunteer, a dog mom, composter, tech mentor, and a regular subway commuter who has spent too much time stuffed into a delayed F train.

Amanda is neither a career politician, nor a millionaire.

Amanda grew up as one of four children of divorced parents, raised primarily by her single mother. She has had a job for as long as she can remember. At 12-years-old, she began babysitting as often as she could after school, then worked as a waitress, nanny, and researcher throughout college. Though her family’s financial situation qualified her for a need-based scholarship to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, not working was not an option.

Growing up in a reform Jewish home, she had always been taught the importance of taking responsibility for your community, and doing what you can to uplift others. While her family faced financial and health-related obstacles, it was through the support of others that they were able to overcome them. Today, she embraces that in all that she does.

She has always led with her values, which contributed to her leaving her Wall Street job to focus on emerging tech. She seeks out and supports diversity, promotes and mentors women, and has never been afraid to call out bad actors -- often at the risk of her own career.

Amanda doesn’t come from any political dynasty or a wealthy family.

In this city filled with Democrats, it seems that behind every social program is a politician careful not to inconvenience their Big Real Estate or Wall Street donors. Amanda doesn’t take corporate PAC money.

When most of our politicians can afford to fund their own campaigns, or have been dining among the New York political elite throughout their careers, they’ve likely become long detached from the issues facing their constituents. Amanda works full time to make rent and cover her bills. As a business owner, she can’t afford her own health insurance, so she is still on her parents’ plan. While she grew up in a family that struggled with debt, she uses her Economics degree to teach financial literacy in the community.

Amanda has consistently been an advocate for those whose voices are lost in the bureaucratic shuffle. She knows the issues that face everyday people, understands the systems we are up against, and will not compromise until we create a safe and successful America for all of our people.

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