Our Shared Vision

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Open and Honest Government

We live in a state represented largely by Democrats, but our democracy is broken.

Money meant for low income communities is funneled to Big Real Estate, representatives can hold individual stocks and vote on legislation affecting their portfolios, and corporations can funnel millions to political campaigns through dark money groups. To advance progressive legislation supported by the majority of Americans, we have to put an end to government corruption.

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Get Money Out of Politics

Our representatives exist to support the will of the people - not multi-million or billion dollar corporations. We need to remove systems that allow corporate money and lobbyists to dictate our policy, and return the power back to the people.

Hold Representatives Accountable

Representatives need to vote for what is right, not what will make them wealthy. Amanda supports the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act, which brings transparency into the finances of elected public officials.

Support Voter Rights & Automatic Voter Registration

Our voter systems should be designed to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to be heard. This includes automatic voter registration, expanding early voting programs at a federal level, and protecting the Voting Rights Act.

Promote Progressive Criminal Justice Reform

Our current prison system is a key contributing factor in systemic racial injustice. We need to create criminal justice models that do their job by providing a safe America for all, not by contributing to the mass incarceration of people of color.

Bring Transparency into Government Spending

Much of government spending is decided in backroom deals, by politicians in the pockets of big corporations or lobbyists. We have the fundamental right to ensure that our tax dollars are truly supporting public services, not lining the pockets of the few.


Bring the Government into the 21st Century

The government can utilize emerging technologies to solve some of society’s most pressing issues. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, to solar panels and more, we can better provide for our citizens when we are working with the best tools.

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Climate Empowerment

A better economy and a greener world.

Natural hazards are growing into disasters, as extreme heat, drought, wildfires, snowmelt, and hurricanes take countless lives and wipe out entire towns. The Global Economic Forum has named extreme weather — induced by climate change — as the top global risk for the past three years.

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A Green New Deal

We must take radical action to address the threat of climate change, and transform our corner-cutting economy into one that is sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally sound. This is why Amanda actively supports the resolutions put forth in the Green New Deal to create a sustainable, healthy America for all of its people.

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Safe and Successful America for All

Equal rights for all — no exceptions.

Our diversity is our strength, and must be valued as such. Systemic discrimination runs rampant in our infrastructure and our legislation, and we must correct this in order to build a society where all people have their basic human rights fulfilled.

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Protect Women’s Rights

Women should have access to equal pay for equal work, equal protections under federal law, and the right to access adequate reproductive medical care.

Support LGBTQIA+

Every human being deserves to have full civil rights and protections, no matter who they love or how they identify. We need to have federal level protections that prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Protect the Livelihoods of Immigrants

Our immigration policy currently treats immigrants as criminals first, and only later considers their humanity. A path to citizenship for refugees and immigrants is essential to a diverse and thriving America.

Protect Civil Rights

Even in 2019, people of color face economic and social systems designed to widen the wealth gap, not narrow it. We must ensure our systems provide reparations to those who have suffered, and support to those building a better future.

Ensure Healthcare Is a Human Right

No human being should stay sick because they are unable to afford a trip to the doctor. Amanda supports Medicare for All to ensure every American has access to adequate care

Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Safe, consistent, affordable housing is a fundamental human right. Especially in NYC, we need to protect and invest in public housing, and remove Big Real Estate’s sway over housing development and pricing.

Provide Access to Quality Education

All public schools, from pre-school through high school, should receive enough funding to produce high performing students. We need to double down on investment in lower performing schools to ensure that standards, and teacher pay, are high across the board - not just at a select few top public schools.

Ban Assault Weapons and Promote Gun Control

A safe America cannot exist without adequate gun control. We support banning AR-15s, requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases, and banning domestic abusers and stalkers from being able to obtain firearms.

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